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Holistic Millennial Radio

What's up #millennials!  Welcome to your favorite new podcast launching January 8, 2019!  As millennials we're interested in a variety of topics so why cover just one?  We'll take a deep dive into health, wealth, spirituality, overall wellness, and what makes up a whole person.  Are you ready to be a #holisticmillennial?

Sep 10, 2019

In today's solo episode Katie talks about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and looking at your fears.  You will never change and become the person you want to be without getting uncomfortable.  A lot of us have self-limiting beliefs and most of the time it holds us back.  But why are they there?  Where do these beliefs come from?  If you are able to understand your fear and differentiate whether it is a healthy or unhealthy fear you will be able to rewrite your old stories and move to the next level.  Your growth work this week is to do one thing that pushes you out of your comfort zone.  Share what you want to accomplish with a friend so you have someone to hold you accountable.  Or share your goal with Katie over on instagram by messaging her @iamkatieross and your push goal may help someone else.  


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